Yakima RocketBox 15 Cargo Box

Product Description

The Yakima RocketBox 15 Roof Box is an ideal storage idea for people who travel with their families frequently, since it is spacious enough to accommodate a substantial amount of luggage. The volume of this roof box is an impressive 15cu ft (425L). Setting it up and handling it is really easy, and it can be mounted on the roof of your car without any trouble. It is compatible with most factory produced bars, including those that are square and round in shape.

Since the Yakima RocketBox 15 has a plastic body, it is very light in weight. It also features top quality locking systems and quick-installation hardware, which functions smoothly on most roof rack bars. Besides, it is very sturdy and presents a very elegant look, with its sleek black color. The weight of this rooftop box is 45 pounds and its dimensions are 58 x 38 x 15in (147 x 97 x 38cm).

Technical Details

  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 58 x 38 x 15in (147 x 97 x 38cm)
  • Compatibility: Square , round, and most factory bars
  • Volume: 15cu ft (425L)
  • Locks Included: Yes
  • Recommended Use: Short road trips, solo travel
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime

Yakima RocketBox 15 review

The Yakima RocketBox 15 Roof Box product has won favorable reviews from most of its users. A lot of those people are impressed with its user-friendly nature, and have especially mentioned that setting it up on their car roof took very little time and was surprisingly easy. Since it is light in weight, maneuvering and handling it does not involve much effort at all.

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What’s even better is that assembling the RocketBox 15 is equally convenient. Even if you don’t buy the ready-made version, assembly can be done quickly and with ease. A clear instruction manual comes with the product, and users can follow exactly what needs to be done at each step.

When compared to other rooftop boxes available in the market, this model does not rattle or make a noise while you are driving. The rattling is generally worst when you accelerate to a fast speed, but with the Yakima RocketBox 15, you will hardly notice that it is there. Furthermore, the lock mechanism is very smooth and the clamps that come with the box make opening and closing it very smooth and comfortable. Besides, there was no one who noticed any fall in the mileage of their car, after installing this roof box.

Apart from these advantages, the product is reportedly reliable as well and is not prone to quick damage and malfunction. While some users did complain that its light plastic body makes it appear fragile, it is quite clear that the problem is with appearance only. It is actually quite sturdy and long-lasting, if more than 60% users are to be believed. In fact, its light weight makes it easy to lift and shift around. Moreover, this roof box is very spacious and can even accommodate bulky sports equipment, such as skis.

To sum up, according to an overwhelming majority of users, the Yakima RocketBox 15 Cargo Box offers excellent performance and great value and is a highly recommended product. If you are the kind who is often out on short trips and sports vacations, this will serve you ideally.

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